Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Double Trouble

Here's a family who's near & dear to my heart. I've known these two little rascals since they were born and YES as cute as they look, they really are a handful. Whenever one does something the other will follow suit and try to outdo his brother. When singing Old McDonald Had a Farm, they must sing louder than the other. You can bet that there's never a dull moment with Lucas & Aiden around. 

They're both goofy with a lot of LOVE. 

I brought a few prop hats for them to use & Lucas 
thought it'll be hilarious to be a builder, a pirate & a cowboy 
all at the same time. 

Double the Trouble, Double the LOVE

Here's Lucas pretending to be shy. 

Aiden is the mathematician of the family, only 4 years old & he already knows his multiplication table. Way to live up to the stereotype kiddo! During our session, Aiden insisted that I quizzed him on his multiplication. By the end of the photo session he taught me how to count from 1-10 in Mandarin Chinese. Now I just need to learn my multiplication... 

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