Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet Oliver...

I wonder what's causing your furrow brows little one.
This little piggy
Dreaming really hard.
Maybe if I keep sleeping she'll snap a few more pix & leave!
Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy Gil & Corinne! Big brother Mattie took his job very seriously. As I was snapping away he stood by patiently to make sure I wasn't harming his little brother. After a while when he was certain that I wasn't going to take his little brother away he asked his mom if he can watch Rango. That's what big brothers are for!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love is a Beautiful Thing...

I had the pleasure of photographing Tiannah & Terry's engagement session a couple of weeks ago. That morning Tiannah asked if we should reschedule since it was cloudy & gray outside. Cloudy & gray is PERFECT lighting for photographers, throw in a beautiful couple & a scruffy little dog & VOILA!

It's always fun to see how the bride & groom to be interacts with each other before the big day. This helps us get to know their personality & gives us an idea of how the wedding day will be.

As you can see Tiannah & Terry have GREAT chemistry together! We can't wait to photograph their wedding in the Fall.

Wardrobe: Terry & Tiannah's personal closet
Makeup: Mola Raxakoul
Assistant: Greg
*Diesel wore his best fur coat for the day of the shoot