Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Edison & Reyna are two of the sweetest people I've ever met. Their happy-go-lucky attitudes during our session made it so easy for me to capture this monumental moment in their lives. They brought out the best in each other & it was obvious that they couldn't wait to meet their little bundle of joy. Congratulations you two!

2 Weeks Later...
Baby Mikaela arrives right on schedule.
Who's gonna have daddy wrapped around her tiny little fingers?
So a couple of days before this shoot, I found this awesome bowl!
It totally made me think of the cabbage patch dolls that I loved growing up...
So here you've got a newborn cabbage patch baby!
I can't be a perfect little angel all the time.
Sweet dreams Mikaela.
Yes, Dad requested this photo as a tribute to the Heisman Trophy. We switched up the angle a bit to better showcase the baby.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Weekend At the Beach

What a novel idea! To celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary, this set of grandparents rented a house on the beach and called up their children & grandkids for a week of fun in the sand. There's nothing like spending quality time with the ones you love. Too often in life we go through the motions and fail to realize that life is just passing us by. At the end of the day, the small little moments that we share with the ones we love are the precious memories that will last a lifetime. So be sure to take some time out for the the people in your life. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary & to many years of joy & happiness with the ones you love!