Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Conner - Tanned, Sweet Cheeks

Check out my sweet cheeks!
Is this what an outie belly button looks like?
Sweet dreams baby...
Muah! XOXO ~Conner!

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Conner, who was born 2.5 weeks early, so I was expecting a teeny-tiny little bundle of joy. However, when I met Conner, who was about 2 weeks old at the time, the first thing I noticed was his TAN, and of course his can't-miss, super cute chubby cheeks! At two weeks old, Conner didn't look like a premie at all, and to top it off he was a natural in front of the camera! My kind of baby! :-) By the end of the session, he was blowing me kisses...