Monday, November 19, 2012

A Life with Purpose

Meet Cracker Jack...

A dog whose life has been filled with purpose since the day he was born. 

In his puppy days CJ's first job was a lab test dog for a pharmaceutical company. A few years later he was adopted by a very patient owner who spent 2 years trying to rehabilitate & help him adjust to life outside of the lab. Unfortunately this owner got very sick and passed away from cancer. 

That's when Jenny, a fellow photographer, adopted him & they've been together until his last day. 

When I first met Cracker Jack, I thought he was so sweet & docile. He looked & moved just like a baby  lamb who was learning how to walk. 

On Halloween, I remember Jenny jokingly asked if I would take some photos of him with her before he gets to old & pass away. Of course I agreed, but I had no idea that he would literally pass just minutes after our session.

Since then, I've had a few days to digest all that has happened and it brings me back to "A Life with Purpose." 

Cracker Jack, you have certainly lived a very full life filled with purpose until the very end. 

I think you knew that your days were numbered & yet you stuck around to get in this last mini photo session with me, because it's what Jenny wanted. I questioned why you wanted me to witness your passing & this is what I came up with. You didn't want Jenny to be alone when you passed. May you rest in peace in doggy heaven, and know that your purpose has been fulfilled.


Margaret said...

I really love these photos, the colors are so bright and vibrant. Such a sad story though, I can't believe Cracker Jack passed away right after the photo shoot.

Fawn Luu said...

Thanks Margaret! I couldn't believe it either. I'm glad Jenny has these photos to remind her what an awesome dog Cracker Jack really was.