Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sadie & Sully

Sweet Sadie
Caught you smiling at me!
One happy baby
Another smile from Sully!

Talk about a beautiful family! I finally got to meet Sadie & Sully. One is filled with happy smiles & the other is a ball of energy. Can you tell which one is which? I suppose boys will be boys! Sully didn't want anything to do with me. Instead of smiling for the camera he'd rather swing his bat, play catch, jump in a car, anything to avoid being photographed by the lady with the camera in her face. I still got an adorable smile out of you Sully! I LOVE your gorgeous head of hair & that sweet beautiful smile. Michele & Wayne, congratulations on your newest addition! Sadie is absolutely gorgeous, just like her handsome big brother.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where's Ziggs?

Ziggs climbed up rocks to get into this shot.
Ziggs loved the water.

9-11-11 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Time is flying by! It's already been a month since we got to hang out with Vivian, Paul & Ziggs for their engagement shoot. We had such a blast hanging out in Santa Cruz, on the other side of the boardwalk -- where it was less crowded & doggy-friendly. Ziggs was no stranger to the beach. She took full advantage of the water, sand and rocks! Big WAVES? NO problem!
Ziggs tried her best to squeeze her little tail into every single shot - from chasing Vivian in what was suppose to be a romantic couples beach shot, to climbing up rocks to pose with the two people she loves most!
In fact, I had to crop Ziggs out of most of these shots just so Paul & Vivian can have a couples ONLY shot. To donate to Paul & Vivian's honeyfund, visit their website here: http://www.honeyfund.com/wedding/vivianandpaul

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Avery...

Sleeping like an angel.
I love this little strawberry beanie so much that I had to get an "adult' size one for my big head! Hehehe...
Deep thoughts with Avery.
Avery with all her jewelry.
Congrats Le & Scott!

My favorite part about being a photographer is that I get to meet all the newborns in the family when the stork finally arrives. Wow, April was a busy month! Among my close friends & family, I counted over 7 newborn babies in the month of April. Here's one beautiful girl who can't help but make you smile when you see her face. Avery was about 12 days old when I finally got to meet her. Congratulations to my cousin Le & her husband Scott. Welcome to the family Avery!