Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dany & Nicole's Cambodian Wedding

Here's one of the most colorful wedding I've ever shot! This was my very first Cambodian wedding ceremony.  

Dany is a long time friend of mine. We've known each other since high school. So I was thrilled when he asked if I would photograph his & Nicole's Cambodian wedding ceremony. 

The vivacious Nicole was a ball of fun on the day of the wedding. Nicole, normally does not wear any makeup whatsoever, so imagine my surprise when I saw that she was going for 4 different outfits & 4 totally different looks! 

The vibrant outfits & beautiful jewels put both my camera & I in heaven. I loved every aspect of this wedding! 

Keep in mind that a traditional Cambodian wedding normally takes 3 days & 3 nights with 10 different outfit changes. Dany & Nicole were able to squeeze it all into 1 day with only 4 change of outfits! 

Hai Goan Gomloh - Gifts of food & snack offerings from the Groom to the Bride's family

Nicole you looked radiant, like a tiny Apsara Dancer! 

Gaat Sah (Hair cutting ceremony) - where elder members of the family helped primp & bless the bride & groom by teasing them & wishing them well on their new lives together. This symbolize a new & fresh start for the newlyweds. 

Pretty in royal blue.

Nicole as beautiful as ever. 

Bongvul Pbopul -This is when the bride & groom are blessed by the married couples attending the wedding. A lit candle was passed amongst the married guests & everyone comes up to tie red strings to the bride & groom's wrists to symbolize the binding of their new union. OH yea, there's a sword & a gold crown involved to. 

Boramy, the grooms' beautiful sister.

This was the secret ceremony that happened in the bride's room where only close friends & family were privy to. Nicole's crown was lethal, it almost took out Dany's eye. 

The beautiful bride & groom with their wedding party.

DaNicole, I wish you both lots of love, joy & happiness for years & years to come!

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