Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Pretty Fall Day

If you follow my blog or know me personally, you'll know that I've been taking it easy this year. Being pregnant for the past 10 months (Full term is 40 weeks - I know - I always thought it was 9 months to!) prevented me from practicing my craft. Standing on chairs, tables & crouching down low to get that perfect angle is difficult with a big 'ol belly. 

What an awesome way to come back to my passion! This sweet & Noble family helped me kickstart my Fall family photo session for 2013.

I love photographing people in the Fall when nature's paintbox is much more vibrant. This season gives me the most delightful colors to play with. 

A nice Fall day in California means you get to wear your summer dress & your Fall colors. 

Of course this sweet girl was very fun to photograph as well. She started off kinda shy but opened up a bit towards the end.

Miss Noble was definitely Daddy's Little girl. During our photo session she was very shy & only whispered to her Daddy when she needed something. Her Dad easily brought out the sweetest smiles in her.

Being a Daddy's girl myself, I totally get the bond that girls have with their Dads. My Father was the first man that I adored and fell in love with. His love & support in all of my dreams big & small made them that much easier to achieve. The funny thing is that I'm starting to find a lot of my Dad's qualities in my husband. So I guess it is true that in the end you marry your Father! I know, gross & endearing at the same time. 

See what I mean about the vibrant Fall colors? Thank you to the Noble Family for making my first day back as a photographer so much fun.