Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Little Prince is Here...

Our sweet Prince Ryan Lucas Surat arrived on 8/4/13 @ 10:23AM.  Oh boy. Life has been turned upside down & sideways!  

You hear it all the time from parents that having a baby is hard work, but it doesn't really hit you til you have your OWN BABY. Til this day, I still don't get how this little human who weighed only 6lbs 5oz  at birth can be so much work & take up SOO much time! 

For the first two weeks I literally felt like a POW where my enemy's torture of choice was sleep deprivation! Here's what my daily schedule consisted of. Change the baby, feed the baby, put the baby to sleep, pump (this little guy prefers bottle services rather than straight from the source), feed myself, wash the bottles & pump. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat... And if I'm lucky I get to shower & sometimes put on make up & feel like a human being again. 

Since he's a little Leo baby, we started calling him Ryan "The Lion." I found this super cute outfit on Etsy & had to photograph him in it. 

I'm very lucky to have my husband & my parents. They were around to do a lot of the heavy lifting for me, but ultimately I'm the food source. So there's only so much that they can do. 

Here I am trying to enjoy a quiet moment with my Lion. His sweet baby breath & toothless grins makes it all worth while.

 Who's captivated by whom? 

Happy Grandmas with a big red pocket. 

Checking out Grandpa Surat's beard.

I love the old vs. new of my Dad's hands holding Ryan's. I think I'm going to frame this one. 

Grandpa Luu's Sidekick. This boy LOVES  the sound of my Dad's voice. He'll sit quietly to hear his Grandpa talk. Is that a fighting stance Ryan? I guess he is going to be a fighter like his Poppa after all. 

Big sister Zoey likes to stand by & watch him sleep. 

Our very first family photo in the hospital just minutes after Ryan was born. It has been quite a journey & we're just getting started. We love you Mr. Ryan Lucas Surat & we're so very excited for you to be a part of our world. 

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Anonymous said...

That was such a lovely walk through. Thank you for sharing. Shyanne!