Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Big Debut

Talk about knowing how to make an ENTRANCE! Eva Roselle sure knows how to keep things exciting for her parents. It was a Thursday morning & her Mom thought she had plenty of time to prepare for the arrival of her baby girl whose due date was still 5 weeks away. She goes into work thinking that it's just another day closer to her maternity leave when all of a sudden her water breaks! YES, right there at work, in the lobby! In just a few short hours later, she delivered this little bundle of love. 

Yay! She's small enough to fit into my Pho bowl nicely! 

She looks pretty comfortable here don't you think? 

This little piggy went to the market... 

Who do you think you're looking at lady? 

Sound asleep without a care in the world. 

The Happiest Baby on the Block? 

Oh stop! I know I'm pretty! You don't have to keep telling me. 

Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two, you just have to keep catching them and if you're lucky you'll end up with a Sweet Butterball like Eva.

Eva, I wish you a lifetime of  love, joy & happiness. Please don't grow up to quickly, instead try to enjoy all that life has to offer and focus on the good times! ~Love Auntie Fawn

(All baby headbands were made with love by Eva's creative Momma)

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