Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!

Ryan didn't link this one bit.

Please Uncle, get me out of here!
Woo hoo! This kid was cutting up the dance floor.
Hmm... I wonder what this is.
Sugary frosting makes me a happy camper.

I can't stop dancing! I think I'll just go to sleep on the dance floor.

Baby baptism photos are usually hit or miss. First off, who likes to be woken up from a deep sleep with a splash of water on the head, or worst - having their entire body dunk into a pool of water. I've always felt sorry for kids at baptisms. To top it off, you have a sea of unfamiliar faces around you cheering & smiling at you when all you wanted to do was sleep. I suppose it's all a rite of passage, and you won't remember any of it... that is... until your parents dig up these photos on your 16th birthday, or wedding day. Now, don't you wish you had smiled at your photographer a bit more?

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