Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congratulations to Wen & Margaret

For good luck.

Gift giving & receiving line.

Nick afraid of being pricked.

Best man, Luke ready to rock & roll.

My beautiful family.
The handsome groom & beautiful bride.

Ready for the big day.

Marge getting leggy...

Tiana loved this parasol.

Groomsmen Pyramid

I'm exactly one month & one week behind on posting these pictures from Wen & Margaret's 7/17/10 wedding. Congratulations to my brother, Wen & his beautiful wife, Margaret. Welcome to the family Margie! I wish you both many many years of joy & happiness.


Margaret said...

I love the last photo of us toasting...it's my favorite!!! I also think the family portrait looks great, everyone looks beautiful, even the boys.
I liked getting to see what happened at the tea ceremony when I was waiting in the bedroom, I haven't gotten to see any photos of that part, I wondered what everyone was doing. :)

The only thing we need to do is photoshop Becky out of the one with Luke! I hate seeing her in her see-through white dress.

Thanks for posting these, Fawn!! I can't wait to see the rest!

Sluu said...

MAN! I Look fantastic in these photos!

Haha jk, nice job on these!

wenzor said...

I am so heavy, I caused Greg to go cross-eyed....